Monday, November 10, 2014

Legendary music comes in: memorial-blog for Roger Kirk † open for the public

Dear readers,
I made one year before an internal blog only for me due to the fact that my very best friend, DJ Roger Kirk (Hanau, Germany) passed away in the first week of December 2012. - I knew his favorite music which was played thru all the pirate radio stations, especially Radio Northsea. And later he still played all this forgotten songs in a few locations....... some local pub owners had Memories to his 'golden time' and gave him the possibility to show what is his amazing and wonderful music feeling, the special tune and tone of Roger, between the songs. He used a collection of more than 40.000 Singles, and let us say 10% of them were rare "B-sides" of a 45-rpm single.  Roger was a genius in the way to find rare and same times goood music. Okay, I decided two things: first of all I will publish Roger's and my favorites here in "Voice of DX". Then you have a little time to remember real worthwile and valuable Jewels of Music, pieces of rarity and grand dignity which haven't played thru our FM-stations here in Germany since years. It is basic that in Germany the situation with the FM-Radio goes down and down, "format" is the big word, and computer machines do decide what the station does play, the quality of the DJ's is so bad, deep bad. It is a boring thing to listen FM here, and especially the joy about old school "little" hits is lost..........  enough for today, tears coming into my eyes .........   but you all are able to enjoy the alternation and variety. Here is the link:


Now pls tune your loudspeaker really LOUD and start one of my favorites of the past (I am an old guy):

This song gave me all over the years power and motivation and I hope
that it works also for you, dear shortwave or radio "fanatic".
This hobby of receiving far radio stations is so wonderful.
And the Pirate Radio broadcasting's were the top of the adventure
during the twentieth century. Music of the 'Pirates' is incredible.
Your Editor Klaus